Voccare Family

Our values


We work daily to achieve our goals, outlining strategies that enable us to optimize resources.


We permanently reinvent ourselves in the face of each new challenge. We strive to avoid new beginnings impacting our effectiveness and commitment.


We continuously boost new-product development. Our team continually defies the variables impacting our business to guarantee a continuous-improvement policy to our clients. This way, we achieve new business models which daily optimize profitability levels.


We enjoy what we do. Our achievements are the result of the best inside each one of us. Our strength helps us to be constant in our work. Each new development drives us to be better each day.


We inspire trust and security by providing easy access to truthful, relevant, understandable, useful, verifiable, complete, and precise information.
Employee nomination
At Voccare Global Solutions Center, we look for people showcasing leadership, commitment, and creativity. Team workers with a high sense of belonging, passionate about service, and keen to contribute to our organization’s growth.

Ally nomination

At Voccare Global Solutions Center, we look for allies with whom we can share solid commercial relationships based on experience, ethics, and the fulfillment of quality standards.

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    “I belong to the training area. Currently, I am in charge of providing knowledge, experiences, and skills to the staff to enhance their abilities and create excellence inside operational management. Voccare has allowed me to explore my strengths, increase my confidence and develop leadership. I feel committed to continue to work, as I am motivated to take on new challenges and keep growing hand in hand with the organization.”

    Brayan Hernández



    “I started at the Addiuva group over 12 years ago as a phone customer service coordinator. I grew within the company, acquiring new skills, learnings, and great experiences, which have formed me and taken me to where I am today. I joined Voccare a few months ago, where I have achieved incredible professional and personal development in a very short time. Voccare has given me the opportunity to challenge myself by setting new professional goals for me, working for them, and achieving them. The teamwork that is fostered daily in our group has been key to this success. Consistency, perseverance, and working on getting results are part of our every day.”

    Suzette Patxot



    “I am part of an innovative, demanding, committed, and humanized organization, where I have been supported to develop my qualities, strengthen my knowledge, and grow professionally. To me, Vocarre symbolizes transformation, passion, identity, stability, and differentiation. I feel proud to be part of its team of leaders and to contribute to be better each day.”

    Absaí López