Our certifications

Since 2014, we are an ISO 9001-certified company in BPO processes under the ISO 9001-2015 norm requirements. In 2019, we extended our reach to the Mexico and Guatemala nodes, thus establishing our Quality Management System’s structure. By doing so, we set the foundations of our customer-service operations control, the commercialization of products, and the structuring of tailor-made operational processes to tend to our clients’ needs.

This certification responds to our clients’ trust and reflects our commitment to excellence in our customer service.

Our certification’s reach

  • We have specialized technical assistance services through customer service phone centers.
  • We provide customer service, coordination, and operation of assistance services (management, legal, on the road, at home, during travel, to pets, etc.) to Addiuva Enterprises companies and other clients.
  • We manage routes for insurance expert evaluators, and land transportation of people and goods.

Information security

We consider information a vital asset to our success and to fulfilling the organization’s different processes. This document is aligned with the ISO 27000 series norms as a frame of reference. Information, as well as the technological platform supporting it, is considered a strategic asset. As such, it becomes fundamental to establish policies defining a control frame to provide security for the organization’s information assets. These information assets support the company’s mission and vision, which means they must be used and managed in an adequate security environment, no matter the medium or technological environment they are located in.

To Voccare Global Solutions Center, information and the systems containing it are vitally important information assets. That is why the organization maintains protection, securing, and management schemes for said assets in the face of possible threats. Our infrastructure design operates satisfying these variables 100% using infrastructure from our exclusive Latin America provider, IFX. They are committed to working within an ISO 27001-certified framework.