About us

Voccare, Global Solution Center, is a company focused on creating differential experiences. We offer the best customer service and specialized assistance options from our Control and Monitoring Centers, creating superior service experiences.

Who we are

Voccare Global Solutions Center comes as a result of over 15 years of experience in customer service. Our management model has allowed us to understand our clients’ expectations and capitalize on such learning using specialized and certified processes. This has earned us excellent levels of service recommendation.

We work daily to guarantee the best consumer experience with a team of professional experts, first-level infrastructure, and tailor-made developments.

Our Control and Monitoring Centers in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica operate with non-stop redundancy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“Our experience is your best ally”


We are a professional, efficient, agile, and adaptable company working in Latin America. We focus in being the best business allies to our clients. We create value by implementing robust and certified processes, focusing on optimizing time and logistical, human, and technological resources, and on adapting daily to our users’ needs and circumstances.


To be respected in Latin America as leading providers of comprehensive logistical and customer attention services, recognized for our levels of operative-costs savings, as well as our efficiency.

General policy of
integrated management system

Voccare is committed to customer satisfaction, through profitable business management and the provision of timely, reliable, safe and effective service. It is also committed to the protection of its information assets against confidentiality, integrity and availability, through the implementation of strategies and controls, with compliance with applicable legal requirements, with the destination and proper management of resources, with the development . of human talent, with the promotion, prevention and protection of the health of its employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors, through the identification of risks, their evaluation and control, as well as the promotion of a culture of prevention and of care. In addition, it is committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System.

Our offices

Being global means being closer to you.

Our Control and Monitoring Centers in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico operate with non-stop redundancy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to deliver efficient, immediate service anywhere, whenever our clients need us.


Av. 30 de agosto No. 39- 83 tercer piso. Pereira, Risaralda



Km 9.5 Carretera a El Salvador, Santa Catarina, Pinula, Plaza Tigo, Torre 3 Nivel Lobby. Ciudad de Guatemala



Avenida Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma 51 interior 1201. Ciudad de México



Ofiplaza del Este Ed D Oficina 8 San Pedro Montes de Oca San Jose



We have a group of specialized expert professionals with the required experience to work day to day in improving efficiency and productivity levels inside the company.

Our agents fulfill the highest standards of satisfaction and service. They have developed a sense of urgency and are skilled in managing and standing by our clients during different arising situations in their life.

We are committed to creating differential experiences for our users. We are competitive, passionate, and entrepreneurial –we adapt to change and understand the value we add to every process.





Mónica Juliana Rodas Garcia

Gerente de procesos y gestión humana

Johana Mesa

Gerente de Control interno

Enrique Ayala

Gerente de implementación

Cesar Hernández Martínez

Gerente Financiero

David Moreno Galindo

Gerente de Inteligencia Comercial

Neftalí Hernández Lozano

Gerente de implementación de TI

Johan Olaya Mosquera

Gerente de Infraestructura

Laura Marcela Orozco Agudelo

Talent Manager

Jesus Mario Hernandez

Gerente Jr. de Capacitación E-Learning

Juan Camilo Jiménez Agudelo

Analista de Inteligencia Comercial

Leonardo Morales Sierra

Gerente de operaciones Guatemala

Jorge Esteban Ospina

Supervisor general de operaciones- implementador operativo

Success stories

“Voccare stands out for being flexible and adapting to our needs. They are agile executors, and they fulfill their promises.

Voccare’s service is personalized. They come together with our company’s different functional areas naturally and collaboratively.

Voccare cares about knowing our business to bring relevant and tailor-made recommendations to our operation”.

Rafael Vilá Baez.

“They are, undoubtedly, a company from the group which works 24/7. With their help, we have positioned ourselves as one of the top assistance companies in the market, with technology as one of our biggest competitive advantages. One of their virtues is their ability to identify our clients’ needs, which helps them to profit their operations.”

José Eduardo Aguilar

“On behalf of IFX Networks, we are proud to have such a high-level client as Global Solutions. We want to seize the launch of their most recent brand, Voccare, to recognize the work they have been doing for years, which we have been lucky enough to know as their business ally for over three years in Latin America.

Thank you for having us as providers. We hope you can keep counting on IFX Networks in any challenges you undertake.”

Luis Gabriel Castellanos
Country Manager IFX Networks